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Maverick Dog Design

Urban Avocado collar and leash set

Urban Avocado collar and leash set

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Maverick Dog Design semi-choke collar, a combination of style, safety and Italian craftsmanship. Colorful and distinctive collars, with several options to choose from. The collar is designed for medium and large breeds. Exclusive collars for your dog. The collars are made of paracord ropes.

Handmade in Italy using the highest quality rope, these collars offer an unparalleled walking experience. The rope is gentle on your dog's fur, preventing irritation or discomfort during your adventures. Italian craftsmanship is reflected in the perfection of details, offering a durable and beautiful accessory to look at.

Choosing a martingale collar from Maverick Dog Design means giving your dog the maximum in terms of comfort, style and safety. Give your faithful companion a unique accessory, born from the passion for dogs and the love for Italian craftsmanship.

💜 Does not fade
💜 Does not stain
💜 Does not stretch
💜 Durable

  • S: 28-40cm
  • M: 36-50cm
  • L: 46-65cm
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